Ender's Home

Title: Ender's Home
Author: Ca_tharsis_
Pairing: Ender/Peter
Warning: Nothing canon about it.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Made it all up.
Summary: Seventeen year-old Ender is sent home after Commander School, and after his promotion to Admiral. Valentine and Peter are starting families of their own and Ender wonders where he fits in.

From the attic window, he watched for Valentine's Car. His personal console, a membrane-thin band around his wrist, kept him informed of her car's distance, her vital signature, and that of her unborn child's, as well as constants and fluctuations in various security checks around him. A third signature told him that Peter had agreed come along.

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Yahoo group

I loved the movie and saw quite a few pairings in it so I bugged a friend to star a yahoo group for slash art and fiction.
Thought I would post a link here in case anyone was interested. I am not much of a writer myself1


Just wondering....

....has anyone here read OSC's short story "A War Of Gifts"? I read it and loved it, and the pairing that jumped into my head instantly was Dink/Zek, which I think would be so interesting. No one's seen any of the pairing have you? If so, please point me in the right direction. If not, I suppose I'll have to write some myself.

Fic: Peace

 Title: Peace
Rating: PG 
Pairing: I'm not sure if it's slash, or just fiction. I guess if you squint your eyes, it's Alai/Ender.
Summary: The war against the buggers has ended, but the war against each other has just begun. 
Disclaimer: This is an unofficial sequel to Ender's Game, which continues from the end of the novel. It does not take into account any official sequels written by Card. All of the characters except those who are not his are Card's. I gain nothing from this, except maybe a hope to rejuvenate Ender fanfiction.
Note: I'm not sure how much I like this piece; I wrote it for school and I am having trouble going back and rereading it to edit. If anyone has suggestions/comments, please share! I know this isn't the usual from what I write, but I'm hoping people will have interest in it. Oh, and I don't think there is more to this story; it was originally the "first chapter" of a sequel, but I doubt I'll want to work on this. I kind of like the ambiguity of the ending anyway.

(The war against the buggers has ended, but the war against each other has just begun.)
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Bugger Lover

Rating: Adult.
Warnings: Noncon, incest, underage, light bondage.
A game of buggers and astronauts goes awry.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ender's Game or its characters. I do not endorse any illegal activities, including any portrayed in this work of fiction.

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Lee Williams
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Hello All,

I just found this community and, well, it's not very common to find fanfiction for this fandom (and it's even more difficult to find slash fanfiction, that is). I can't say which is my favorite pairing, as I don't know which pairing/interaction is my favorite either. For once, I fell in love with Ender when I first read Ender's Game, but  as the Shadow series gives another view on some other characters (like Peter and Bean) I realized he (meaning Ender) couldn't be my favorite character. Peter and Bean are incredible, after all.

I've seen some good stories on, and some really crappy drabbles going through the net. I haven't lurked on this comm before, so I'm just going to start reading some posts. I hope to contribute in the near future, but reality can make me delay a little. Still, so nice to find this comm and hope to find some great people around here too :)
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Hello, persons out in Cyberland.
The Great And Worshipable Creepy_Crawly [aka me] comes bearing a challenge!!

On behalf of MadChallengeOfDoom, I extend this to each and every living, breathing, drooling, life-needing obsessed fangirl out there.
And then some.
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**sorry if this isn't allowed. Really, really sorry!!**